Selected Clips

Podcast Writing
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Entertainment Writing
The Missing 'Girl' and the Rise of the Manipulative Woman - OriGenes
Matchmaking New Yorkers Launched 'Playing With Matches' - OriGenes
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'An American Marriage': Internment and Intimacy - OriGenes
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Travel Writing
Oxford: A True English Experience - GoNomad
Sober Travel: Do it Without a Drink! - GoNomad
Cartagena: A Fitness Escape - GoNomad
Legends of the Wild in Panama - GoNomad
Cuba: A people to people volunteering adventure - GoNomad

News Writing
Success Stories - Mission Doctors Association
There is Good News Around the World - Mission Doctors Association
ESPN Employees seek to get women involved in technology - UMass Daily Collegian
For the love of the craft: UMass Juggling Club - UMass Daily Collegian
Emily O’Neil hopes to increase diversity and improve Title IX training as student trustee - UMass Daily Collegian
UMass seniors embark on experience to 'give back' - UMass Daily Collegian

Financial Writing
Early college savings strategies for children - Invite Education
Making the most of a college visit - Invite Education
3 Tips for smart student borrowing - Invite Education